Expense Repairs on your Home? Sell it “AS IS”

We all know repairs costs are soaring.  Selling your House for Cash AS IS  in Atlanta can be a great option when you cannot make the necessary repairs to sell on the retail market.  Why would you look into selling your house fast for cash?  Lets look at some of the more expensive repair items. … Continued

We Buy Houses Marietta 678-773-7268 We close FAST in 2 weeks!

Speaker 1: Hey guys. Today we are in Grant Park, actually not too far from where I grew up. This person called us because they know that we buy houses fast for cash, in two weeks. What we’re doing right now is we’re kind of going through the property. She’s having a lot of issues…

Dangers of Rodent Damage

Rodent and Pest Damage Rodents and pests can cause major damage very fast.  It may not seem like a big deal, but it can be dangerous as well.  It is estimated that rodents such as Rats cause up to 20% of all structure fires in the US annually. Rodents constantly chew through materials in their … Continued

Probate problems? We buy houses like this in Atlanta GA

Speaker 1: All right. We are looking at this nice place in Cumming here. Guy’s got all kinds of probate issues. House has been abandoned for about 12 years but we’re going to take it. We’re going to help him get it all out of probate court. As you can see up there, you got…

Facing foreclosure? We can help just like this

Foreclosure?  We can buy your house fast in 2 weeks for cash. Watch the video for the last Dawsonville native we helped.  Not only did we keep the foreclosure off his record, we actually got him some cash on top of it.  He would have had no way of moving without us getting him a … Continued

We can buy your house fast with 2 weeks close

Speaker 1: Hey guys. Boomer and I, here again, today working. We do a lot of the work ourselves. When you call us, we’re a small company, I’m the owner and operator, so you will actually talk to me. You’re not going to be calling some call center for some big CEOs sitting in a…