A Timeline For Home Sellers in Metro Atlanta

Any major undertaking always goes better when you know what to expect when and plan accordingly. And this definitely applies to something with as many steps and contingency factors as selling a house. Any number of things can go wrong, but they don’t necessarily have to if you have a solid plan in place. So … Continued

How To Price Your House To Sell in Metro Atlanta

Real estate experts agree that the single most important consideration for selling your house is pricing it right. Besides having to be in line with the price of similar homes in the area, the sale price can’t be too high or too low, it should be priced for online searches, and it needs to be … Continued

Secret Agent Hacks For A Fast Sale in Metro Atlanta

Everyone trying to sell a house, wants, understandably, to sell it fast. So most sellers spend a good amount of time, effort, and money making repairs and renovations, hoping it will all translate into a fast sale. But there’s a better way. Take a look at these secret (and some not so secret) agent hacks … Continued

Creative Holiday Open House Ideas in Metro Atlanta

Hosting a get together like an open house can be a pretty intimidating prospect to those of us who aren’t used to entertaining all the time. But having an open house during the holiday season makes it much easier because a lot of the work, especially planning, has already been done for you. Because it’s … Continued

Staging Your House During The Holiday Season in Metro Atlanta

Selling a home during the holiday season can be more of a challenge than during other seasons, but it can be done. The good news is that you’ll have far less competition. It’s just that staging your house during the holiday season in Metro Atlanta should enhance that style rather than working against or detracting … Continued

Sell Your Home And Move To An Optimal Location

Safety always comes first, and even more since the COVID-19 outbreak. It can happen that, regardless of the measures we take, we and our family members still get infected. Therefore, if you’re anxious about this possibility, moving near a hospital or other health care services can give you peace of mind. Moving closer to your … Continued

How to Sell Home And Move To A Safer Zone

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve all been worried about our safety. Making sure to take the right measures and avoid getting infected is a high priority. The more precautions we take, the more we stay healthy.  If you live in a highly contaminated zone, selling your home and moving to a less affected area is … Continued

Tips for First-Time Home Sellers

Being a first-time homeowner seller can be stressful. You wonder about all the decisions you have to make, who to contact, how to start, and what your best selling option is, to name a few. More nerve-racking is the idea of selling during COVID-19 times, when the situation makes your selling process more complicated. You … Continued

Is It Possible To Sell My Atlanta House During COVID-19?

Securing our safety during the COVID-19 outbreak is everyone’s primary concern, so it’s recommended to stay at home if possible. However, if you’re trying to sell your house in Atlanta, GA, the current situation and the accompanying measures can make things a bit more complicated. Still, selling your home during these difficult times is possible. … Continued

How To Sell Your House During The Holidays in Metro Atlanta

The holiday season, which is basically November through January, is generally considered one the worst times to try to sell your house in Metro Atlanta. It’s not as bad as many people would have you believe, though, especially when you have a good real estate agent in your corner. During the holiday season, there may … Continued

We Buy Mobile Homes Dawsonville 678-773-7268

Robert: Hey guys, this is Robert with We Buy Houses, Dawsonville, and we’re talking about mobile homes today, specifically. A lot of people won’t buy mobile homes, a lot of investors. We will. We’ll still buy them for cash from you. We can still close in two weeks. As you can see we’re working on…

Will COVID-19 Lower The Worth Of Your Home?

COVID-19 and the house selling market is a concern for the ones in this business. A lot of uncertainty is being created since many house agents have lost sale opportunities during these tough times. The question is: will COVID-19 lower the worth of your home? If you are interested in this topic, and selling your … Continued

Behind On Mortgage Payments Due To Covid-19?

COVID-19 came very unexpectedly and changed everything around. Probably this year, you had all under control, and your home’s monthly payments weren’t a concern for you according to your projections. If due to COVID-19, all these plans fell apart, and you’re currently facing mortgage payment delays, it’s good for you to know that you have … Continued