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All the Paperwork Needed Before Selling Your Home by Yourself

Buyers are signing a home purchase agreement from a broker,model house in broker hand and calculator with a house key on the table.

Real estate transactions are more complicated than many people think. We all wish it could be as simple as listing your home, finding a potential buyer, and closing the perfect deal. Unfortunately, selling a home by yourself is a time-consuming process that could lead to money waste when done incorrectly. 

The best way to have a smooth selling process is to have all the necessary paperwork ready before listing your home. But we’re not talking about two or three documents; you’ll need to get nine sheets ready before listing your property for sale in order to avoid any legal problems. Let’s quickly mention these needed documents before explaining them in detail:

  • Original Sales Contract
  • Professional Appraisal From the Purchase of Your Home
  • Home Repair and Maintenance Records
  • Mortgage Payment (Payoff Amount)
  • Homeowners Insurance Records
  • Homeowners Association (HOA) Documents
  • Receipts for Capital Improvements
  • Manuals and Warranties
  • Past Utility Bills

Original Sales Contract

The agreement you signed with the previous owner of the property is crucial for any future real estate transaction. This contract allows your buyer to have full visibility and transparency of the terms and conditions under which your property was transferred to a new owner in the past. It also notes the price and elaborates on any disclosures that were made before the sale.

Professional Appraisal From the Purchase of Your Home

To go forward with the sale, you’ll need to provide the buyer with the original appraisal report from the time you purchased your property. This document is a professional assessment of the market value of your home that determines how much a mortgage lender will lend to a buyer.

Mortgage Statement (Payoff Amount)

If you’re trying to sell your home before you pay off your mortgage in full, you’ll need to request a mortgage statement from your lender showing your payoff amount. This will provide visibility to your buyers on the current financial situation of the property.

Homeowners Insurance Records

There’s nothing better than being completely transparent and honest to your buyer in order to avoid any future misunderstandings. Make sure to provide proof of your homeowner’s insurance information before selling so your buyer can be aware of all the damage and repairs made to your house.

Homeowners Association Documents

The HOA (Homeowners Association) has certain guidelines about what you pay for assessments of your property, the appearance of your home, and if you can rent it to other parties. Some pieces of information you’ll need to give your buyer include: 

  • Articles of incorporation 
  • Rules and regulations
  • Homeowners dues amount statements
  • Copies of the minutes from the Association’s meetings of the past two years

Home Repair and Maintenance Records

As we previously discussed, it’s imperative that your buyer is aware of any aspect of your home that needs immediate attention when they move in. Home repair and maintenance records are evidence of all the hard work you’ve invested in your home by delivering repairs and remodeling projects. These records should include the following information: 

  • Maintenance receipts
  • Utility maps for your electric and gas systems
  • Dated records of your most recent painting, gutter cleanings, and window washings

Receipts for Capital Improvements

Keeping a record of all the improvements you made to your home, such as bathroom remodels or pool additions, will make the process easier for you and your buyer. Therefore, make sure to have those receipts ready before listing your home. 

Manuals and Warranties

Appliance manuals and warranties let the buyer know the current status of the items they’re getting when they move into their new home. Some manuals and warranties you’ll want to provide to your buyers include refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, and garbage disposals.

Past Utility Bills

You’re not required to provide this information. However, it would be helpful for the future homeowner to know how the electricity, water, and gas bills shake out each month and set their budget accordingly. 

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