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How Is The Housing Market Behaving The First Semester of 2021?

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Last year saw an unprecedented pandemic hit the United States and the rest of the world. The American economy suffered its worst economic downturn since The Great Depression. This crisis hit like no other, lots of businesses had to shut down, and it all seemed pretty bleak, but the housing market prices would lead you to believe otherwise.

Over the last months, the housing market has been booming with skyrocketing demand and a plummeting supply of properties for a new breed of overeager home buyers. 

Paradigm Shifts For Home Buyers

Recently, the housing market has experienced a certain boom due to the new post-pandemic reality. This paradigm shift has made home buyers rethink their priorities to better adapt to this new life they’ll inevitably be living. 

One great example is how millennials have turned to having an office space, a home gym, or an open space, one of the most appealing features within their age group. Millennial home buyers have changed their preferences a lot since now the possibility of working from home has turned into a reality. 

Rising Prices 

Over the last couple of years, there has been a surge of new home buyers interested in testing the housing market with daring purchases and quick decision-making that leads to a newfound overeagerness to buy new homes.

This eagerness to buy has sent the market into a very uncomfortable position, with prices and demand going up. At the same time, the supply of properties comes drastically down. According to Glenn Kelman, there are now more real estate agents than there are houses for sale.

This sudden low supply and high demand for homes in the United States might make one wonder where it all came from, but the truth is this is a long time coming…

The Impact Of An Ever-Changing Digital World

Over the last decade, there has been a change in our nature; digital marketplaces and online experiences have completely shifted how we socialize, work and even make purchases. The idea of these digital tools is to expedite processes and make it easier for the user to go about their daily lives. 

From apps that let you meet new people to apps that let you list houses for sale, the digital world is here to stay, and the paradigm shifts that have come with it have certainly changed our lives profoundly. 

One example of the consequences is how there are fewer houses for sale every year and more people trying to purchase. As stated before, this supply and demand shift has been a long time coming. The existence of digital environments that let you bypass the burdens of extensive paperwork and long visiting tours have made the experience of purchasing a home a more time-efficient process for most people.

A Hard Pill To Swallow

Even now, with all the advancements in technology that are supposed to make it easier for the property seller to simply get cash into their hands, the spiraling prices of properties tend to make new homeowners rethink their strategy and bring the market to a plateau of sorts. 

The reality is the demand for buying new houses exists. The issue at hand is that prices keep going up,. Not many people want to shell out big amounts of money for their first property purchase, leaving the market in a stalemate.

Unfortunately, many houses on sale are simply not that enticing to the market. They cannot compete since they have several issues like property damage that needs to be repaired or mortgage payments due. 

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