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How To Sell Your House Before Deployment

Facing deployment is one of the hardest challenges for families that move out constantly, and not being able to sell your house quickly before it happens can make it even worse. Selling your home is a big deal, there’s probably a huge emotional bond because of all the memories you have started building there, or perhaps you invested a lot of money, effort, and time into making it a special place. 

Families, such as military families, truly understand the meaning of “adapt to changes” and the importance of being prepared for important alterations that deployment can bring. Whether you’re looking to relocate or prevent your mortgage from going underwater while deployed, here are some ways to sell your home as soon as possible. 

3 Ways To Sell Your House A.S.A.P

If you’re really trying to sell your home, you want to do it the smart way. Let’s explore some different ways to sell your house when deployment is looming:

  1. Find an Efficient Real Estate Agent  

You don’t need just any agent, you need the right agent to take care of your selling process. Therefore, you need to find someone who will best-serve you, negotiate the best deal, and sell your house fast. It’s more recommended to contract someone who has the experience and knowledge to sell your house than having a relative or friend helping you out. 

Real estate agents know the market in your area, have data about recent deals in your neighborhood, and have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which is a database of current homes for sale. Additionally, they can help you improve your house before selling it, fill out the necessary paperwork, provide referrals, and effectively negotiate with potential buyers. 

Even though real estate agents are a good option to sell your home, there’s no guarantee that they will do it in a short time. Normally it takes up to 90 days for real estate agents to find a good offer and close the deal with a home buyer, that’s why you must find a stellar agent to work with. Besides, you’d need to pay a commission/fee and closing cost to the agent.

  1. Sell It Yourself 

If you decide to save money and sell your home on your own, you’d be engaging in a process called “For Sale By Owner”. This decision allows you to get the full sale price of your house without having to pay commission fees or closing costs to a real estate agent. However, this process is more complicated and time consuming than most people think. 

Selling your home by yourself is possible, but you need to be very committed and prepared for putting in more energy, time, and effort than you think you should. Since you’ll be listing yourself in the market, keep in mind that you’re competing with experienced agents that sell homes for living, so make sure to study the market and manage your time properly. 

  1. Hire a Home Buying Company 

Contracting home buyers is the best way to sell your house fast for cash, this option is ideal for homeowners who are facing deployment and need a fast resolution. Using a home buying company means you don’t have to worry about:

  • Your house condition: Home buyers take care of all necessary repairs.
  • Financial problems: Even if you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments, home buyers are still able to purchase your home and take over those payments. 
  • Commissions, fees, or closing costs: Home buyers do not charge extra fees, all the money goes directly to you. 
  • Long selling process: Instead of waiting up to three months to sell your home through real estate agents, some home buyers can close the deal in no more than seven days. 

Clearly selling your home through home buyers is the best way to see fast results. No waiting time, no fees, no worries about maintenance nor financial difficulties. 

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