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About Boomer and I (Bogino Properties)

What makes me different?  You should explore all your options when selling your home.  I come out personally and walk you through the process.  As you can see from silly videos with Boomer that we do our own work.

  • I am the only company that is fully licensed and can offer full retail pricing options
  • We can present you with multiple offer options
  • Help you decide on the best offer for your situation (even if it isn’t our offer)
  • Offer quick 2 week cash closing with no fees

I come out personally and make repair and upgrade estimates.  I can work with your time table if you need to stay longer or move out fast.  You are able to leave as many items in the house you want and we will take care of it all.  Sometimes it’s not just about selling the house.  Maybe you have a unique situation like needing some cash to move up front and thinking “I need to sell my house fast in Atlanta,” we are always glad to help!

With my extensive real estate and construction back round I can give you honest pricing.  We cut out a a lot of the costs of our competitors that have to hire on extra general contractors on jobs.

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The Pros & Cons Of Selling Your House To A Local
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