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We buy mobile homes Georgia

Robert Bogino: All right, Robert Bogino with Bogino Properties and we buy mobile homes. Today we are in Carrollton. We're taking this very old mobile home. This is like a 1980s model. It is a double wide, but it's very, very small. This thing would need to be completely gutted. It's just going to be…

Sell my mobile home fast georgia

Robert Bogino: Hey, guys. Robert Bogino here with Bogino Properties and We Buy Mobile Homes. This is a good example of what we buy here. We buy mobile homes in any condition. We'll pay cash for them. This mobile home in particular had all kinds of problems, had probate issues, it was going go into…

Sell My Mobile Home Fast 678-773-7268

Robert Bogino: Hey guys, this is Robert Bogino with Bogino Properties and we buy mobile homes. This is one of our projects right now. We're right in the middle of it here. As you can see, we do pretty big jobs, so this was basically a gut job. We buy mobile homes in any condition,…

5 Ways to Profit From Land in Metro Atlanta

In the diversity department for real estate Investors, land offers a great variety, and you’re likely to find a way to incorporate your life passions and investments. But, of course, once you’ve found your investment property, you must pay the right price to realize the best return on the investment. But first, you’ll need to … Continued

Why Right Now is the Best Time to Sell Your Land in Metro Atlanta

Savvy real estate investors understand that flexibility with your investment strategy is the key to success. If you’re considering selling your land, it‘s entirely understandable that you are hesitant to sell an investment you believed would be yours for many years. However, life has a way of happening to us, and many factors can influence … Continued

5 Tips to Help You Airbnb Your House in Metro Atlanta

Hosting guests in your investment property via an online booking platform as a way to earn additional cash flow has become a new business model for savvy investors who understand how to utilize technology to their advantage. Accessing this service provides you as a host with the ability to create a free listing of your … Continued

How to Sell a Metro Atlanta House When You Own Back Taxes

Tax liens are like a giant stop sign for property owners who are ready to sell. Especially for those faced with a tax lien placed on their property so high that selling their home is the only option available to repay the debt, which will be due at closing. A word to the wise, working … Continued

4 Tips for Selling Distressed Properties in Metro Atlanta

Selling a home under the best of circumstances can be challenging to say the least, so when you add the factor of a property in a distressed condition, the headaches begin to multiply. Preparing yourself for the realities of the market should you find yourself in this position can help you avoid the pitfalls and … Continued

5 Tax Tips for Property Sellers in Metro Atlanta

Looking for the best tax tips when selling your property in Metro Atlanta? Look no further. Nobody likes to find out they missed a chance to save potentially thousands of dollars while diversifying your portfolio. If you’re selling your property, it is well worth your while to follow a system to organize your business paperwork. … Continued