The Pre-Approval Process From Start To Finish for Metro Atlanta Home Buyers

As you’re beginning your home search, you’ll see ads time and again about financing and different mortgage lenders. To get you prepared for your home buying journey, let’s examine the pre-approval process from start to finish for Metro Atlanta home buyers. WHAT IS PRE-APPROVAL? Pre-approval is the process of filling out a mortgage application with … Continued

We Buy Mobile Homes GA 678-773-7268

Robert Bogino: Hey guys. Robert Bogino here with, We Buy Mobile Homes, Georgia. Actually, we are in Dawsonville, Georgia, which is really close to Ball Ground. So we do buy mobile homes in this area. As you can see this one’s pretty rough shape. We are going to take this house as is. We’ll kind…

We Buy in Dawsonville “as is”

Should I Sell my House  AS IS in Dawsonville GA? We get this question a lot.  Lets look at one of the main reasons people need to sell as house AS IS in Dawsonville GA. Large Repair Bills This is a major concern for home owners.  There are a lot of items that really add … Continued

Sell My House FAst in Marietta GA

Speaker 1: Hey guys, how is everyone doing? All right, so this guy contacted our We Buy Houses site in Atlanta looking to sell his house fast. We actually talked to this guy a little bit first about retail options. This, unfortunately, is not going to be that kind of situation because he had tenants…

Buying Land for Mobile home in Dawsonville GA

Today is a unique buy in Dawsonville GA. One of our favorite areas, not too far from the Racing Hall of Fame.  This is 2 vacant lots that we are purchasing to move mobile homes to.  We found these from doing another project in the neighborhood.  We buy land also and can close with cash…