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We Buy Houses Marietta GA 678-773-7268

We Buy Houses Marietta GA 678-773-7268
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Hey, guys. Today actually, surprisingly, we are in Alpharetta, Georgia. Did not expect it to quite be this bad. Seller contacted us about selling her house for cash as-is. Obviously, a lot of repair is needed. We told her we could pay cash in two weeks and close and do all that.

She said the property was in okay condition. Okay? First of all, we had to fight to actually get in this place. Let’s take a look around here and see what’s going on. Obviously a lot of repairs to be made.

Okay, so we did find the master bath. Nice. This is what we call a open-concept master bath. Obviously, this is something where all the plumbing’s going to have to be replaced. I mean, every square inch of electrical, every square inch of drywall. I mean, everything’s got to go.

This is one of the bedrooms, and we’re going to come across here and show you another bedroom. Oh, this one’s kind of interesting. I mean, it was a bedroom, but obviously it was like a shop. I was going to walk in here, and then I realized there’s no floor. I still was going to go on the beams, and then I realized there’s actually … I don’t know if I can get the light in there. There’s actually a basement, so like if I fell, I thought I was just going to fall a couple feet to the floor, but nope, I’d fall through all the way to the basement.

Okay, so this is us coming in the front door. Obviously, I mean, everything’s got to go. This might actually be a teardown. I’m not even sure. So, our price might be what it would be for the lot and the cost to remove this house. Anybody hungry? We’ll go into the kitchen here. Lot of shotgun shells in here for some reason.

But again, these are the kind of houses we buy. I mean, nothing really scares us off, these huge repair bills, nothing like that. And we would still close in two weeks and be able to give her cash. I mean, she’s not going to do much else with this property. Obviously, a tree has come through at some point. You can see, I don’t even know, it’s just rodents getting through there or kids breaking in. Yeah, it’s going to be a big job, but nothing that really scares us off.

All right, so we’re going to go down the hallway. Keep in mind, guys, we buy houses in Atlanta with these kind of conditions all the time. Let’s go check it out. Let’s see here. Yeah, it’s pretty rough. This is the guest bathroom. Just … It’s a booby trap. Wait, turning around here. Actually, surprisingly, a pretty nice washer and dryer set in here.

Okay, so now we’re outside this place. Surprising things that you find. There’s just a tractor back here. There’s about six cars. Obviously, these people need to sell fast. I haven’t quite got the whole story about what’s going on yet, but we will help them out. I actually don’t know what to do with a lot of the stuff, but that’s our job is we solve problems. We’re going to figure it out for them.

Now we found, in the back of the house, this huge machine shop with just all this equipment. I mean, this is pretty expensive machining stuff that I guess she has no capability to move out. A whole nother shop back here.

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