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We Buy Houses Marietta 678-773-7268 We Can Close in 2 Weeks

We Buy Houses Marietta 678-773-7268 We Can Close in 2 Weeks
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: How are we doing guys? Today we are in a Flowery Branch and this was actually a showing for a retail client that wants to get a house to live in as well as possibly rent out some of the rooms or make it a rental after they move. This did not quite turn out how we thought it was.

So this is kind of an interesting story. We were trying to help a buyer buy an older house. Okay. And this applies if you’re looking to sell an older house as well and you need an agent that is more experienced in doing the flips and renovations like I do that can show you what a lot of these things mean. Because obviously your house is not going to have as much wrong with as this house does. This was a crack house. So we’re going to show you a couple of things, but your house may have one or two of these little issues. I’m going to tell you what buyers see when they walk through houses. Okay.

So the first thing is going to be a crack like this. I know that we’ve talked about selling an older home, it may have some foundation shift. This is probably not a major issue, but what I will tell you is is I would at least patch it up before I list it. What you don’t want is some inspector going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. Usually it’s only an issue if it’s going to be vertical. I’m sorry, if it’s from corner to corner, vertical or horizontal. Usually it’s not that bad of a crack or a foundation issue. This is a fun… I mean, you can tell this was actually a drug den, just dirty carpet everywhere. Graffiti everywhere. We’re going to show you some gang symbols and whatnot here.

This bathroom actually, we’ll see it from the bottom a little flooded at some point or there’s some plumbing leak and it just went through this linoleum and trashed the house a little bit. Okay. So another thing to think about in your house is if you have any wavy floors or it’s gotten wet at some point. This one I know it looks bad because of the carpet, but you can actually just peel this one up pretty easy. And this is the sub-floor and it’s actually in good condition. You can tell they were living without any kind of carpet because of paint and stuff. But this is still real solid. There’s no water damage and this does not need to be replaced. Okay.

So not only was this a smoker house and if you have a smoker house, you’re going to have a really, really, really difficult time selling. It’s the number one killer of deals. But I can tell this fireplace has not been properly ventilated because of all the soot and everything that’s just around the fireplace. This would have to be cleaned and everything before it gets sold.

We’ll move on to the kitchen here. So if you have an older house you’re looking to list, this is going to have a couple issues. It will not pass inspections because there is no GFCI outlets in this kitchen. Okay. That’s going to be required. No one is going to pass on it. Again, really easy, cheap fix. It’s literally taking off the outlet and putting in a different one.

These cabinets, even though they look ugly, they’re a little dated, are actually in pretty good shape. If you wanted to do something like that to really help your resell value, cheap things you can do are just literally refinish these cabinets. Change the full hardware, get it sanded down and paint it. This is real wood. They’re in good shape. You don’t even have to take them off the wall. Granite countertops, again, it’s going to probably for this size be around a $1000. They can do it in one day. You really want to spruce it up. This is linoleum. Super cheap to replace. Again, you don’t have to put hardwood or something like that in this price range. This is under $200,000. I’d just do it with the loan.

Okay. So if you’ve been a real estate agent in Atlanta for a little bit while, or the other Atlanta realtors, they’re probably used to dealing with some drug houses here and there. There are some gang symbols and whatnot in this room. Luckily my buyer was privy to all this information. He told me all this.

So this is something interesting. This is a eyeglass handle or side of an eyeglasses. So they buy these specifically to clean out crack pipes apparently. All right. So just use that. I didn’t learn that until today, but my buyer actually showed me that. Yeah, this is a… It’s been obviously broken into and graffiti and all that fun stuff.

All right. So this is something where somebody with an investment background, construction background like myself and my team have, is we think about things a little bit outside the box that most Atlanta realtors would not. This is it the bottom level and it has a full bathroom. Not obviously again this house is in pretty rough shape. And this huge bedroom here. So if you’re thinking outside the box a little bit, what I would do if I wanted to use it where I lived in the upper level and rent out the bottom level. I would literally put, a sheet rock wall here, block it off and have this be the entrance.

You lose your garage a little bit, but your tenant can come in through here. You’d probably get five, $600 a month in this area just for renting out one bedroom and one bath. But again, it’s just something, if you were going to use the whole house anyway, it’s a way to make some extra income or market this house to more of an investor mindset for buyers.

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