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Sell My House FAst in Marietta GA
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Hey guys, how is everyone doing? All right, so this guy contacted our We Buy Houses site in Atlanta looking to sell his house fast. We actually talked to this guy a little bit first about retail options. This, unfortunately, is not going to be that kind of situation because he had tenants in the property, and we kind of explained to him that someone on the retail market, you can’t get a end buyer that wants to live in a house with a tenant in there. They’re not going to go in and go through this eviction process, this whole deal, and if you’re going to sell it to an investor anyway, you may as well not list it and pay the agent fees on both sides and all that, which we aren’t going to charge him.

We actually took this property. You can tell it needs a little bit of work. You can see those gutters up there need some cleaning out and replacing. He’s got some water damage. But the main thing was is we took it with bad tenants in there. We went through that whole eviction process for him. We got them out of the house where he didn’t have to do it. We gave him a fair price and we take care of any kind of issues like that. We kind of went back and forth a little bit on what he wanted to do with them. He thought maybe I’ll just get them out himself, but we didn’t want him to have to go through all that.

So, we worked at all into the price where he doesn’t have to worry about this property anymore. They were not fun to deal with I’ll tell you right now. It went all the way down to the wire. We got the sheriff out here. We take care of those problems so you don’t have to. Again, we were able to give this guy cash. We closed, I think, about two, three weeks. There was a little bit of a title issue that we were able to take care of as well. That came up too. And we handled all the closing costs, all those fees, so he didn’t pay any closing costs, any commissions, any of that. He just walked away with cash in his pocket. He still had a little bit of a mortgage on the property. It more than covered that. And now we’re going to rehab this home and get it to a nice young family.

We’re actually not in Atlanta today. We are actually in a suburb of Atlanta, out here in a Canton, which is probably good 30, 40 minutes from the city of Atlanta. But we’ll do anything within an hour of Metro Atlanta. All right, guys, let us know. Bye-bye.

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