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Do I need to sell my house for cash? #5 in a series HVAC systems

Getting an old house ready to sell series #5 HVAC unit

If you are looking to sell a home that is 10 years or older issues can come up. Trying to determine if you should sell the retail route or sell your home for cash can be a hard choice. Many times these older homes will fail inspections and need to be brought up to current code costing the home owner a lot of money. Check out our whole series on getting older houses ready to sell. Going the retail route you may need to make these repairs yourself. Some lenders will not even approve the loan with outdated HVAC, roofs, or electrical systems. Sometimes finding someone that can buy your home for cash with 2 weeks to close is the best option.

We do offer both services since we are licensed. We are one of the few “we buy houses” companies that is able to give you multiple options to sell your home that best fits your situation.

Transcription:Hey guys, I actually have Smokey helping me today. Boomer’s over there, too. He’s hanging out over here. We’re looking at a AC units today and we’re talking about the things that can affect the value of an older home. The age of the unit matters a lot even if it’s in working order. Usually we say that the lifespan of a unit is about 10 to 15 years, so if it’s at 10 years, your buyer’s probably going to ask for it to be replaced.

The other problem is, let’s take a look again, is that if you have an older unit that’s about 10 years old, you’re going to have a type of refrigerant that called R22 which is not actually manufactured anymore. It’s getting phased out this year. If you can look at your serial plate here to see what year this was made in. I believe this is the 2015 so this actually has a proper refrigerant in it.

Another problem with this unit, let’s show you, does he see that kind of oil film on the fan. That means this fan is starting to go bad, that there is, the bearings in it starting to [inaudible 00:00:57], throwing the oil and it’s getting overworked. So another thing to check for is to see if any of these lines are frozen, which they are not. That can be a sign of being low on fuel.

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