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Buying a property with 2 houses in Dawsonville

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Video Transcription

Today is a unique buy in Dawsonville GA. One of our favorite areas, not too far from the Racing Hall of Fame.  These are 2 houses that we are purchasing to renovate.  We found these from doing another project in the neighborhood.  We buy land also and can close with cash in 2 weeks!! Send your information to Sell My House Fast Dawsonville.

Robert: Hey guys, Robert here today with Boomer and We Buy Houses Atlanta. Today, we are actually in Dawsonville, right on the Cumming Line, which is about 40 miles North of Atlanta.

So we are at a pretty unique property today. I’m going to show you, we got one house back here. Second house on the property up here. So this is kind of a situation we see a lot, where this was listed on the MLS by a realtor. The real estate agent shot this property way higher than what it was worth. It needs a lot of work, both these houses. You can kind of tell behind me.

So what happens in these situations is people list their homes. They get all these people that think they want a fixer upper, or to buy the house as is for cash. Then they go through the inspections, and they realize they can’t afford this house, and can’t do the renovations themselves like we can.

So what we did was we came into an agreement after they went through the whole trying to list it thing and all this stuff. And we gave them a cash offer, no commissions, nothing like that. Ended up being very close to what they expected to make on the market with all those commissions and inspections and appraisals and space.

But we didn’t have to do any of that on this. So we made it a lot easier and we do offer full retail pricing as well. And we will list the property for you, but I would have never recommended it on something like this because, A, this property is so unique that it’s got two houses on it, that most people cannot afford that. And they don’t have a reason for two houses.

So this is definitely an investor owned property. We’re going to make it two rental properties and it works perfect for us.

And this is another example of how we’re helping out. So this seller on this property called us and they had a tree fall from the storm last night, and they were going to pay all this money for tree removal. And we’re going to come out and take it down ourselves. And we haven’t even closed on the property, but we just want to help out.

And that’s what we’re all about, is fixing your situation, kind of going the extra mile, saving these people some money where it’s going to take me 15, 20 minutes to come out here and chop down this tree that fell in the yard here. Let’s see if we can get a look at it here. There you go. Yeah, you can see it there in the background.

Again, these people contacted me. We were still able to buy their house in two weeks for cash, pay all the closing costs. They wanted to sell fast and that’s what we did.


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