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Your Mortgage Owned Home Will No Longer Be A Burden 

Did you know that most home loans have a repayment period of fifteen to thirty years? Most homeowners sell their houses after approximately thirteen years and move to the next one. So numbers don’t lie. If you are selling your home while you still have a balance on your mortgage, this is more common than what you think. If you live in the Atlanta, GA area, and you are wondering about “how to sell my mortgage owned home,” stop suffering. At Bogino Properties, we buy homes under almost any financial issue. 


My House Can Be Bought Under Any Condition?

As you just read. You don’t have to worry that your house is not in the best condition. We deal with this too. No matter how many areas your home needs to have fixed, we make an inspection, we make a price offer, and then you make the decision. As simple as that, and most incredible of all is that we offer you cash for it. 

The same applies if your house is under certain financial issues. If you are in foreclosure or about to be, and you want to sell your home, no worries. We are specialists in solving real estate problems. 

Customers’ Testimonials

How do you know if you can trust us? We will always be straightforward about what we do. We are an open book about what we do and how we operate. But there is nothing more pleasant to us than hearing it from our satisfied customers. 

“Bob is knowledgeable, reliable, honest, and can be depended upon to give you honest advice and to look after your interests!” – Matt Steen

“I referred a friend of mine to Robert. He helped them out of a bad situation with an undesirable property. Very professional, honest, and knowledgeable.” – Katie

“(Bob) I meant to tell you the other day; you are by far the best person I’ve worked with on the agent side” – Client text message.

“… Have I told you how much I owe you, and how grateful I am, for getting me out of that mess? Thank you, thank you, thank you…” – Client text message.