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Top 5 Homeselling Trade-Offs With Realtors

Going through a home selling process can be burdensome and have lots of ups and downs. That’s why you must get as much information as possible to make your ideal choice. The most common way to sell your house is through a real estate agent. Selling your home this way can have its advantages. However, this option involves many trade-offs that may not be appealing to you as the the seller.

However, the house selling world has opened up to provide homeowners with more options that make the selling experience more profitable and hassle-free. Home buying companies are a home sellers’ best ally, especially when the seller is going through harsh financial situations, or just want to make a quick and easy sale.

Discover the top five home selling trade-offs that come with selling your home with realtors. Afterward, we’ll tell you how you can avoid them and why home buyers can be the best way to go.

The Trade-Offs Of Selling Your Home With Realtors

When selling your home with realtors, patience is the most important thing you need during the whole process. Yes, you may get some benefits, but at what cost? 

  1. Fees and Commissions

When selling your home with a realtor, paying for fees and commissions is part of the deal. This is the main trade-off when selling your house. Once they have closed an offer, you have to pay 6% on average over the total amount of the sale price.

  1. Numerous Showings

Before a realtor manages to sell your home, numerous showings have to take place first. It’s hard to keep your expectations low during this process because every visit will feel like a definite one. However, you won’t know how many showings you have to go through before getting the expected offer.

  1. Selling Period

This is one of the trade-offs in which patience plays an important role. You could get the offer you hope for, but it can take months before that happens. The average days it takes for your home to get sold is 91, on average.

  1. Closing Date

Once you have approved the offer, it’s time to set the closing date. This step can take up to thirty to sixty days after accepting the buyer’s offer. Also, the home seller is often the one who has to pay this cost.

  1. House Repair Costs

When realtors take a look at your home before putting it on the market, you have to reach an agreement on who pays for fixes. This decision is negotiated during the inspection period. The real estate agent can get a little strict, strongly suggesting what could be best for your home to enhance its curb appeal and achieve a better sale. 

Are Those Trade-Offs For You? Explore Your Options

The real estate selling option can make the seller’s position shaky. Uncertainty can arise, making the homeowner wonder if it’s his or her best option. Nonetheless, if you consider realtors are not the way to go when selling your home, you have other options.

Selling your house to homebuyers involves none of the trade-offs mentioned above. They require you to have little to no involvement in the process, and the closing date can be set for as little as seven days from the time of the offer, or on your timeline. 

Homebuyers will always maintain close communication with you, being straightforward during the entire process. The things they will ask from you will be:

  • Provide The Needed Information

Homebuyers will ask for your home’s specifications. They could request some information regarding its current state, its financial terms, the reason you want to sell it, and so on. They can also ask for photos or videos to review your home’s conditions and provide you with a quicker price offer. 

  • A Single Home Visit

Unlike realtors, no more than one house visit is required. You won’t get false expectations with numerous house showings and wait until you get the expected offer. Homebuyers make one visit to make sure your home meets their buying criteria, and that’s it.

  • Set The Closing Date

No more waiting for long periods until the closing date comes. Homebuyers can close whenever you decide, whether it’s a seven-day period or two months. This gives you the chance to settle into your new home without rushing, or move out when you can. You select the closing date, and the cash is handed over on that same day.

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