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Sell Your House Without Public Showings

Many situations have made us move from traditional ways of selling houses to more modern ways using newer technologies. Whether it’s because you are not comfortable with more public open houses or reasons regarding the pandemic, there are ways to market your home safely. 

One of the main reasons homeowners are not comfortable with open showings is that not everyone is a potential buyer. This can slow the process and make you waste time and energy. 

When you take advantage of tools that allow you to have virtual showings, tours, and more, really interested buyers will be contacting you. You won’t have to worry about scheduling visits or anything of the sort. 

Work With Someone To Build Your Digital Portfolio 

To sell your house without showings open to people for visits, you’ll need excellent photos and videos that allow potential buyers to see and experience what the house looks like in terms of layout, repairs, space, etc. 

Working with someone who knows how to take the right photos and videos of homes to sell them can make or break the entire process. 

Stage Your Home Right:

  • Clean and Declutter
  • Increase floor space 
  • Closets and garage must be organized 
  • Add decor for appeal

When you take the time to stage your home right, your pictures will look more appealing and demonstrate that you are serious about selling your home. 

Take Your Own Photos & Videos For Listings

Apart from the professional photos and videos, it’s helpful for potential buyers to see more “raw footage” of the house. Although legit photos and videos provide credibility and professionalism, some taken by yourself on a phone camera will ensure that they are looking at the real deal. 

Unfortunately, some people scam potential buyers online, so it’s important to show them that what they see is what they’ll actually get. This might open doors for better and more serious offers. Of course, take the time to make those phone pictures also look nice with the right lighting and angles. 

Record a Walkthrough

This is an excellent addition to your listing. There is nothing like a video walkthrough that will make potential buyers feel like they are there. 

Instead of many short videos of specific rooms, a walkthrough will make them feel for what the house looks like. You can look at existing real estate video tours for ideas on how to go about it. 

Another video walkthrough option that you can offer potential buyers is a Facetime walkthrough. If they are interested in your house, they can schedule a Facetime video call, and you can give them a walkthrough and details about the house through that app.

Host A Live Virtual Open House  

If you’re uncomfortable with people coming to your house, another middle ground is hosting a live virtual open house. With the help of your realtor or an experienced person, you can set up a private group on Facebook or Zoom and stream live. Interested parties can join the live stream and take a look at your house, and they’ll also be able to ask you questions.

Professional Home Buyers Will Buy Your House 

Not everyone is tech-savvy, and maybe all these alternatives might seem excessive. However, if you want to ensure you’ll sell your home for a fair price without visits open to people, professional home buyers are the perfect solution. 

Homebuyers need general information and sometimes only simple pictures to make a fair cash offer for your home. You can close in as little as 7 days. Forget about the extra time staging, organizing, and all the technology struggles. 

Bogino Properties LLC: Our Simple 3 Step Process

At Bogino Properties LLC, we buy houses in Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding areas. Our process is simple; it only takes 3 steps from initial inquiry, an offer, and closing. Our goal is to help you get rid of your house in the most stress-free way possible. 

With Bogino Properties, you don’t have to worry about staging, cleaning, or making any repairs. You also don’t have to deal with any binding contracts or wasting time finding ways to sell without in-person showings. We will buy your house in any condition. Call us at (678) 773-7268 if you have any questions.