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No More Mortgage Owned Headaches

Selling your home is not always easy. There are too many things to consider if you decide on finally getting rid of it. There could be many reasons why you want to move on with the selling, and we don’t judge. That reason could be that you are going through a severe financial problem. Probably, you no longer want to deal with utility payments, tax payment, insurance payments, or even mortgage. No matter the cause, at Bogino Properties, we are specialists in solving real estate problems. 

If you thought that your last resource to solving your financial problems was obtaining a mortgage, but that didn’t work either, then your current situation must probably be “I want to sell my mortgage owned home.” Well, If your home is located in Gainesville in Atlanta, GA, then Bogino Properties is here to save you from what you thought impossible.


Our Frequently Asked Questions

So, to clear out some doubts you may have, here are some of our most frequently asked questions. We understand you may feel uncertain about how this process works, so we want to make it as light as possible for you, and save you several headaches.

  • Will my house go straight to the waiting list, or will it be bought fast?
    • We are professional home buyers, not home agents. This means our process is much faster, and your home won’t fall on a waiting list. If your home meets our criteria, we will buy it for cash in as short as seven days or whatever period you have estimated. 
  • Do you pay fair prices for properties? 
    • We pursue a win-win situation. Many of the houses we buy are generally below the market value. Our highest value is that if you are looking at selling your home quickly, no matter what physical or financial conditions, we handle it all. What our clients care most about is that we pay in cash, and we close according to your timeline. 
  • How do you determine the price offering of my house? 
    • We consider many pieces. We look at the location of the house, what repairs are needed, the current condition of the property, and the values of comparable homes sold in the area recently. All these to make a fair pricing proposal where both parts have a happy ending. In case you do not agree with what we offer, you have no obligation to move forward.  

If you feel that your questions have not been answered yet, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us.