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Is Home Inspection Necessary Before A Sale?

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Doing a Dawsonville real estate home inspection before selling your house is not required. However, it can help you learn about hidden problems you were not aware of. Even if the house has been occupied for years, several issues may not be easily recognizable. 

A pre-inspection will help you learn about potential problems and any further repairs that your home may need. By doing so, you can avoid unpleasant surprises that may affect the selling process. 

The Role of a Home Inspector

Home inspectors are professionals that can identify from minor to potential problems in your home. They provide a detailed description of the affected areas in a written report and provide recommendations on best addressing the issue. A home inspector usually covers the following areas:

Safety: Safety inspections include fire sprinklers, alarms, stairs, and door openers. 

Roofs: Roof inspections include looking into the condition of shingles, clear vents, chimneys, repairs, and gutters.

Structural Problems: Include floors, walls, stairs, ceilings, and anything else that may be visible.

Attic: Search for leaks, water damage, and improper ventilation.

Basement: Checking for no signs of leaks or water damage

Exterior Elements: Making sure lights, electrical outlets, and walls are in the right conditions. 

Interior Plumbing Problems: Searching for potential leaks, ensuring toilet, sink, shower, and hot water are working correctly.

Electrical System: Checking for outlets, wiring, breakers, and fans

Garage: Ensuring garage doors, roof, walls, outlets, windows, and electrical system is in good condition. 

Heating and Cooling Systems: Checking air conditioning, water heater, and fireplace to function correctly.

Appliances: Proper condition for microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, washer, and dryer. 

Should You Hire a Home Inspector?

Doing a Dawsonville real estate home inspection before the selling process begins can benefit you in many ways. By learning about problems ahead of time, you can fix them on your terms by taking care of your finances. 

Likewise, you will have enough time to look for solutions without having to involve and deal with the realtor’s terms. If a pre-inspection is not done, the buyer can ask for one later on. If the buyer’s inspector finds any problem, the buyer could even sue you for nondisclosure. 

The Pros Of Getting An Inspection

Pre-inspections have the potential to increase the value of your home. Buyers don’t want to take care of such expensive costs, further repairs or inspections that may entail. Therefore, if you, as a seller, can provide valid documentation that your home is in excellent condition and no repairs are required, you will attract buyers. 

Knowing your home’s conditions will grant you time to do the necessary repairs and also help you avoid any last-minute surprises. Consequently, you won’t be a victim of additional costs that may affect or delay your sale. 

The downside, though, is that you can expect to pay between $400-600 on a home inspection, depending on your home’s age, size.

The Truth – An Expensive Service

Dawsonville real estate home inspections are expensive, especially if the seller faces other additional costs during the selling process. Depending on the number of assessments a home may need, some people might find it a challenging investment. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this service, which is why lots of sellers decide to go ahead and list their properties without having any pre-inspection. However, there is an option for those who can’t afford the costs a home inspection requires.

An Affordable Alternative!

If you sell your home to a home buyer, you can get rid of the expensive costs a home inspection comes with. Home buyers don’t ask for a previous home inspection or other costly fees, making it an ideal and affordable solution for many. 

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