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Are Homebuyers Still Overrated In 2020?

The success of home buyers has developed a chain of prosperity for the house selling market and opened incredible opportunities for homeowners. According to a CoreLogic article on how home investment has developed over the years, by the fourth quarter of 2018, 10.9 percent of all home sales were to homebuyers, and home buyers have been delivering positive results since 2005.

Such statistics have been a reliable source for homeowners, trusting that homebuyers are the best tool to sell their homes. Success is a chain reaction, and more and more, homeowners have used homebuyers to achieve a successful home sale. 

Home sellers choose home buyers for the incredible benefits they provide. Statistics and different studies on the house flipping business have shown that focusing more on adding value to each home, delivers better selling results than speculating on prices. Therefore, as the cycle flows and home buyers manage to sell the properties they buy from homeowners, their service becomes more appealing and beneficial as a house selling solution. 

How Home Buyers Managed To Thrive After the 2008 Crisis

Since the 2008 housing crisis, home buyers grew potentially in popularity and statistics supported such a fact. Ever since, during more than a decade, the benefits of selling a home to flippers became a fantastic way out to help homeowners get out of sticky situations (financial hardship). The way home buyers work around the selling strategy of their house flipping business has made them successful and trustworthy to homeowners. 

As home buyers increase the value of a home when enhancing its curb appeal and putting it back on the market at an affordable price, they open a door of possibilities for families with lower incomes. First-time and low-income individuals become eligible for buying homes that have been flipped. But how does this impact the current homeowner positively?

As mentioned before, it’s all part of a successful chain reaction. If home buyers are thriving, so are homeowners hoping to sell their homes for a better price. The better they do in the marketplace, the better benefits they can provide to homeowners.

The Benefits Home Buyers Provide To Homeowners

The reason why home buyers have reached a high peak as a success in home investment is because they have grown into many a homeowners’ first choice when they want to sell. Their benefits are greatly appreciated by individuals who find themselves on the verge of foreclosure or going through another financial crisis.

Let’s explore the benefits.

Fast And Easy Purchase 

Financial problems need to be handled as fast as possible; otherwise, debts rise and become an even bigger issue. That’s why home buyers provide a fast and easy house buying process.

The homeowner doesn’t have to get involved in the whole procedure. They are only asked to submit their housing situation and basics of the property’s location and condition. Home buyers then provide the seller with a fair, written, no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours, and close in just seven days.

No Extra Payments

Other selling methods such as realtors involve many extra expenses. These include closing costs, the agent’s commission, home repairs, paperwork, and so on. When homeowners are going through a financial struggle, the last thing they want or can do is pay for these extra expenses. 

With home buyers, no money ever has to come out of the homeowner’s pocket. The home buyer will buy their home no matter its current physical condition, and they handle any costs, like closing fees and repairs.

Open To Difficult Home Cases

The main goal for home buyers is to help their clients get out of their financial or personal struggle, whether it’s a divorce, foreclosure, an unwanted property, or debt. 

If you have problems and don’t want to get involved with foreclosure or avoid requesting a forbearance agreement, homebuyers will help you find the best solution and help you walk out with cash in hand. All financial “solutions” for homeowners, like foreclosure or forbearance, can get tricky and make the homeowners sink deeper into debt or financial trouble.

The Ideal Home Buyer In Atlanta

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