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5 Ways To Increase Your Home’s Price Before Selling

When selling your home, you hope to get the best offer possible. Sometimes homeowners believe that with the help of a real estate agent, you ensure an optimal house sale. However, many don’t realize what comes with it.

Selling your property with a realtor involves a lot of twists and turns, and you may end up spending quite a lot of cash when working with them.

Home buying companies have opened up many possibilities for house sellers. Thanks to them, homeowners don’t feel tied down to selling their homes with the help of a realtor. Plus, the benefits homeowners gain with home buyers are countless, the process of working with them is less complicated than with a real estate agency. 

Let’s take a look at why selling your home with a real estate agent is overrated. Furthermore, we’ll go through how you can sell your home and increase the selling price of your home in Atlanta.

Why Are Realtors Overrated?

The typical house selling method, real estate, has been homeowners’ first choice for years. But this isn’t such an appealing option when you discover some of their disadvantages. What do they involve?

Paying For House Renovations

Real estate brokers highly recommend homeowners make house renovations before putting it on the market. Some home sellers even build new rooms or expand the spaces to make their homes more appealing, with the goal of getting a higher price offer. But doing so can raise their expenses potentially. At the end of the sale, it may not have been profitable at all.

Losing Control Over The Sale

At some point, the homeowner may doubt if his or her realtor is taking care of their case and making the most out of it. Their methods of selling may differ from what you want and the timelines you expect. Therefore, they must have straightforward communication with you and let you know where you stand.

Up For Competition

Your home is not the only one your real estate agent is selling at a time. They have more houses to sell and a lot of offers to consider. Your house will be competing against hundreds of other homes in the market. Therefore, the process can take quite a long time before you receive an offer you like since the realtor’s agenda can get very chaotic.

Increasing Your Home’s Value Without Investing

Unlike working with real estate agents, selling your home to home buyers is an easy path to take. Waiting for long months until your home is sold or investing in house fixes can incur spending too much money and make your house sale less profitable. 

At Bogino Properties, we are Atlanta’s professional home buying company. We offer our clients countless benefits and help you increase your revenue when you sell your home to us. How do we accomplish this?

  1. No Paperwork Payments

Legal fees can get costly if your house selling process gets complicated. Paying for an attorney can be expensive on its own. But with home buyers, you won’t have to worry about it. A home buying company won’t make you sign a contract that will bind you for months since the process can take as little as seven days.

  1. No House Inspections Needed

With home buyers, you don’t have to think about hiring an inspector to tell you what needs to be fixed before the sale. Inspections can cost around $400, adding to your expenses, if you were to deal with a realtor.

  1. No Agent’s Commissions

Homebuyers charge zero percent as a commission for the sale. They are the ones directly buying your home, so there’s no fee to worry about.

  1. No House Fixes

The days of fixing your home before it goes on the market are over. A home buying company will buy your home even if it needs repairs, paintwork, or also a thorough cleanup. 

  1. No Closing Date Costs

Another cost you avoid with homeowners is having to pay for closing costs. You won’t have to deal with the uncertainty of what’s for you to pay versus the home buyer. Homebuyers will take care of everything.