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Stop Foreclosure by Selling Your House Fast

When foreclosure is at the other side of the door, things can get stressful for homeowners and their families; financial and emotionally speaking. Legal processes with the banks can be harsh; not only could you lose your home, but your debt is not going anywhere. Don’t panic, though; not everything is lost yet.

If you know you have left behind some mortgage payments, you can still get out of that pit. So keep reading to find out how!

Cons of Foreclosure

Foreclosures occur when a homeowner doesn’t have the financial resources to continue paying their mortgage in the stipulated time by the banks as required. This process clearly affects the lifestyle of the homeowners and their families. Let’s check in which ways: 

The Lender Seizes The Property

This measure occurs previous to a foreclosure being determined. At this point, the homeowner already lost ownership of the house. Yes, it is a drastic step; but it’s their way to recoup some of the money they initially lent to the homeowner. Seized properties are usually sold at a lower price, and it tends to be the best option if both parties (lender and borrower) are on the same page.

As a preventative measure for this, we highly recommend communicating with your lender about your financial situation. Also, don’t stop paying your bills, and do not wait until you cannot make payments before deciding to reach out.

They Remove The Homeowner

This step follows the drastic measure of seizing property. After that, the lender has the ownership to remove the homeowners and their families from the property once the sale is done. It will depend on the new owner how long the previous homeowner can stay in the property. 

You end up getting limited time to finish organizing what you will do, where you will take your stuff, or where you and your family are going to live now.  

The House Is Put To Sell 

If you, or someone you know, are facing a foreclosure, understanding the process is vital. 

Once the lender has decided and made all the necessary diligence to put the house in foreclosure, a trustee’s sale is recorded in the county where the property is located. Then, they announce publicly that the property will be available at a public auction for three weeks in the local newspaper.

Now that the sale is public, the bank or lender will give the property to the highest bidder that meets all the requirements.

If the property’s not sold during the public auction, what happens next is that the lender will become the owner of the property and will attempt to sell it by their means. 

But, in reality, most lenders would prefer not to go all the way to foreclosure since it is a long process that can end up spending even more money on the property to be sold.

Homelessness Is A Real Outcome 

An average of 10% of people become completely homeless after going through a foreclosure process. All this traumatic experience can lead to many negative side effects on previous homeowners, making them feel like they lost control over the route of their lives. 

Everything stated above is something we pretend to avoid by providing ways to sell your house before all of these processes between you and your lender start. So if you happened to be looking for a “sell house fast in Atlanta,” you had the solution to avoid a foreclosure on your hands.

How to Solve a Foreclosure Threat Situation

Selling your house is something no homeowner should experience in life; even when they succeed at doing so, it causes stress and uncertainty on whether you’re going to make it or not. 

Many homeowners decide to sell their houses fast before a foreclosure starts becoming more real because they are aware that monthly payments can be too much for their financial status at the moment. And there is no shame in that. In the end, one does what’s better for themselves and their family.

So, summarizing, how can you deal with a foreclosure threat situation before it happens? Hire a professional homebuyer. 

The real estate industry can be brutal and confusing for beginners, so trying to sell your house by yourself without a proper plan created according to your situation can take longer than you think. Professional home buyers specialize in saving homes from foreclosure, giving homeowners a break to breathe and see the light in this process.

Atlanta’s Best and Professional Home Buyer

As stated above, if you were looking everywhere for “sell house fast in Atlanta” options, we got you. 

Bogino Properties LLC is a real estate company specializing in buying houses fast in an as-is condition, with a fast, easy and reliable process that makes it easier for homeowners who are going through tough times with their properties. 

With Bogino Properties LLC, homeowners can close a deal as fast as seven days flat, and a fair price is offered according to your property. The company believes that you are in total control of what happens to your home while guiding you along the process of choosing what is better for you. 

Don’t let another day pass by; every minute counts!


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