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house damaged by a tree

Are you struggling to sell your house because it’s not in the best conditions? Stop worrying about that. We have the perfect service for you. 

At Bogino Properties, we buy houses in Buford, GA, and we’re a reliable and experienced home buying company. No matter your house’s conditions, we buy your ugly house for cash. 


Don’t Bother Fixing It

With Bogino properties, you don’t have to bother fixing your house to sell it to us. Houses deteriorate over time, and constant repairs and maintenance are expensive. Any home is exposed to deteriorations like:

Foundation Problems: over time, a house structure gets foundation movement as a common effect after construction. The size and direction of the gap are what indicate the level of seriousness of such issues. A vertical foundation movement of a 45-degree angle, for example, can be severe. 

Roof Leaks: Roof shingles are designed to last no more than 15 years. Weather-induced damage or lack of maintenance could reduce the life span of your roof and cause leaks. 

Doors & Windows: deterioration is evident when your doors and windows stop closing correctly. A door that hits the floor or a window that keeps getting stuck might seem like small repairs; however, if not taken care of in time, they can get worse.

Homes build on concrete slabs, and clay soils tend to have slab heave. Slab heave causes structural matters and might be the explanation for your doors and windows malfunction. 

Termites: numerous houses are built over wooden structures. A significant termite infestation can attack crucial structures of the house like support beams or wall studs. 

We Buy it as it is 

With Bogino Properties, you don’t have to worry about fixing your house before selling it to us. We are willing to buy your home, no matter its condition. We can buy your Buford, GA house in as little as seven days or on your timeline. 

Suppose you’re interested in selling your house, but you cannot pay for repairs and maintenance. In that case, Bogino Properties is the way to go. Please don’t deal with unnecessary and unwanted expenses. Let us take care of that for you. Go ahead and get in touch with us to sell your house now.