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People fall in love and fall out of love all the time. When people get married, no one expects to get a divorce at all. However, suppose a divorce is the final decision for your marriage. In that case, it does not need to become more unfortunate and uncomfortable than it should be. 

Getting a divorce is uncomfortable enough, but sharing a house with your soon-to-be former spouse is even more unsettling. At Bogino Properties, we offer you a simple answer: Let us buy your house! 


We Use Cash!

Usually, months will pass before you can sell your house. However, when selling your house to us, you won’t have to worry about how long it will take for you to get the money. We buy using cash; We avoid all the annoying waiting that it takes to get your money. 

You may get rid of that property’s pain quickly and avoid having to pay any more energy bills, tax bills, insurance bills, mortgage payments, and so on.

No Fixing, Sell It to Us As It Is!

Please show us your house as it is! It does not matter how dirty it is or how damaged it is. After checking your house, we will propose an offer to you with no hidden fees. You do not need to fix it before revealing it to us!

Divorce Equals: Sell My House Fast!

If neither spouse wants to stay in the family home or can afford to buy out the other, the property can be put on the market and sold for the greatest possible price.

Remember that you’ll have to pay down the mortgage, any equity line or second mortgage, and the brokers’ costs before the funds can be shared. You’ll also have to pay any applicable capital gains tax.

One downside of selling is these costs, especially if market circumstances aren’t favorable to sellers. Another drawback is that the children must be uprooted when they are already dealing with a great deal of change.

What has been mentioned above is a common situation for those who need to deal with divorce and sell their houses simultaneously. If you’ve been telling house buyers “sell my house fast” because you are in the middle of a divorce and you find yourself in an awkward position, look no more! We will make you an offer within seven days.  


We can typically give you a fair all-cash offer within 24 hours of receiving your information. We can close in as little as seven days from there, or according to your schedule

Sometimes, we may be able to get you a check in your hand in 24 hours.