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Upside Down on Your Mortgage? Count on Us

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We know how stressful and time consuming selling a house can be, especially when we get behind on our mortgages. If you’re struggling with financial problems on your property, don’t worry anymore. Bogino Properties is here to sell your house fast in Atlanta, GA. We buy houses in as-is condition and take over mortgage payments so you can start living the life you want. 

Stop looking for real estate agents that will list your property and hope someone will buy it, which can take up to 12 months. We’re ready to buy your house right away. You just need to submit basic information about your property, and within seven days you’ll be receiving a fair all-cash offer. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Contact us today to receive your offer. 


Who Are We? 

At Bogino Properties. we strive to provide the best hassle-free experience for homeowners who are struggling to sell their homes due to financial situations, maintenance issues, or real estate agents delays. We buy houses in Atlanta, GA no matter the economical problems you’re facing or the repairs needed, we take care of everything. 

With us, you can guarantee a fair all-cash offer and a closing date in less than seven days. You have full visibility of the process, and you’re in control of the closing date. Therefore, you can decide to close the deal quickly or on your schedule, no rush. Besides, we charge no commissions, fees, or any kind of closing costs. 

Sell Your House Regardless Mortgage Payments

There’s no need to be ashamed about falling behind on your mortgage payments, normally people don’t tell anyone, don’t ask for help, and don’t know what to do. Mortgage is a terrifying word for many, and unfortunately falling behind on it is a very common and stressing situation. Homeowners can face this problem for numerous reasons that they can’t control. For example: 

  • Unexpected job loss
  • Medical emergencies 
  • Change in marital status

The truth is that everybody has their own difficulties and special situations that makes it extra complicated to meet the expected deadlines, and we know that’s a lot of pressure for anyone. If you’re a homeowner facing a tough situation like this, and you want to sell your home as quickly as possible, we can make it happen. 

How Do We Do It?

Our process is very straightforward. Once we receive your information we look at the location of the property, the repairs needed, the current condition of the property, and values of comparable houses sold in the area recently. Then, after seven days we come up with a fair price that can work for both the company and the homeowner. This is how the process works step by step: 

  • Step 1: Tell us about your property
  • Step 2: If it meets our buying criteria, we setup a quick appointment 
  • Step 3: We present you our fair all-cash (non-obligation) offer
  • Step 4: We close at a local reputable title company, cash in your hands in as little as seven days 

We can take care of your mortgage payments thanks to our experience of dealing with customers with financial inconveniences. We’re recommended by thousands of homeowners who we’ve helped out of terrible situations. In addition, we don’t deal with intermediaries and we know the exact steps to take, which makes it possible for us to buy your house under such circumstances. 

Why Bogino Properties LLC?

If you’re asking yourself, “how can I sell my house fast in Atlanta, GA?”, the answer is simple, with the help of home buyers. At Bogino Properties, our goal is to buy houses in Atlanta, GA in a fast and straightforward way to help homeowners get out of stressful and time consuming situations. 

Our hassle-free process will finally allow you forget the headache of selling your property with real estate agents or by yourself. We buy houses regardless of their condition, which means you don’t have to stress about repairing or maintenance. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about mortgage anymore, we take over mortgage payments. 

At Bogino Properties, we guarantee a reasonable all-cash offer in just seven days. You don’t have to accept the offer if you don’t agree with it. Closing the selling process has never been easier. What are you waiting for? We’re ready to buy your house right away.