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A foreclosure is a legal procedure used by mortgage lenders to seize possession of a property that has fallen behind on payments. For homeowners facing foreclosure, legal rights and even the long-term implications of foreclosure are sometimes unclear.

Many borrowers with financial troubles are unaware that their lenders are frequently ready to work with them, sometimes even giving loan modifications as a solution. Ignoring your lender is one of the worst things a borrower facing foreclosure can do.


We Buy Your House!

At Bogino Properties, we understand that dealing with foreclosure surely becomes a headache for the borrowers.

Most people are in a position to effectively make payments on their mortgage at the time of application. Most lenders ensure this by confirming the borrower’s income, examining their credit history, and imposing a debt-to-income ratio restriction (DTI). However, despite these guarantees, things don’t always go as planned. There are a number of reasons why a homeowner could miss a payment.

A person contemplating foreclosure has often had a life event that has impacted their financial situation. As a result, they’re unable to make their monthly payment. The following are examples of such events:

  • Employment losses.
  • Medical emergencies.
  • Expenses that are significant and unexpected.
  • Divorce or death has resulted in their losing some or all of their income.
  • Before selling the house, you should consider relocating.
  • Suffering from the effects of a natural catastrophe.

You will have a lot to deal with besides all that comes with foreclosure procedures. We will take all this out of your plate. 

The Good News

Even though you might be going through a rough path, we offer you some good news. There is no need to put your house in the market and wait for potential buyers to show up to your house again and again. Only one home buyer will show up once and give you an offer as soon as seven days. 

We know you are selling your house because you need the money for specific purposes. At Bogino Properties, we pay you in cash to avoid long waiting periods before you get the money in your hands. 

We Buy Houses to Stop Foreclosure in Georgia

We make it simple for you since we are a full-service professional house buyer in Georgia. We cover all closing fees.

When you consider the amount of time, you could save by working with Bogino Properties LLC, the hassle-free experience you’ll have, and the money you’ll save on commissions, fees, and holding costs. At the same time, you wait when selling the traditional way. Selling to a professional house buyer is the best viable option for many area homeowners.